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Still alive :)

Seems that I'm still alive (weeeeheeee!) and still here -.- No handsome blond Slytherin arrived to pick me and bring me at the Malfoy Manor yesterday night.

What a shame...

While I came back home I was in my "muse whispering" moments. I imagined Draco picking me up... but not for fun, you know. Picking me up as a stupid Muggle fanwriter who enjoyed putting him and the other DEs in trouble (or even with *argh* Potter, or with *argh2!* the Mudblood! --Draco) (why is putting you with Hermione worse than putting you with ME? --Harry) (... --Hermione).

Has anybody written something like that? My idea was: "In the night of Hallowe'en, the Death Eaters are picking up FanAuthors, to punish them of all the years of suffering they are inflicting to them. Will FanAuthors ever survive?"

Of course, the thing would be a Ridikkulus story ;). What if I make a challenge from this idea? Would anybody write the story?