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Yummy site!

Looking for a typical English dish I found this useful and yummy site:


it has recipes of all the traditional British dishes. I find it useful to look at if you need to have Harry or other characters cook something typical and you don't know how to. But it's also something that makes you a huge will to eat . . .


Martin gave me back a beta-ed version of "Sorrow's Puppet" chapters 1-3. He did a wonderful job, I'm very grateful! Now the chapters look much better than they did before :)

Also, my last beta for Dolores' Sorrow sent back to me a tome (79 pages!) with inline editing and rewriting of my piece. Awesome job . . . I'm still halfway it!

Spreading the anime-mania around

I'm talking to my new beta, Martin, and slowly infecting his with the anime-mania. Well, who knos, maybe I'll get to have a few anime fans in UK; after all!

Boring day

Nothing really happened today. The only relevant thing to say is that I have trimmed my short story and fixed the mistakes that the Zoe's reviews suggested, so that now I have a 4,000 words story almost ready for being sent to publishers. My beta Kevin must give a last look at the grammar though.

After that, I will bring the story with me in England and start sending it to magazines until someone will accept publishing it. I'm very determinated--I need some credits for my query letter when I'll try looking for an agent.

Let's hope someone will publish it!

Bon 14 de Juillet!

Bon 14 de Juillet à tous mes amis de France! (si il y a quelqu'un ;))


F Sorrow's Puppet -- Synopsis and Chapter 1 Giulia Fancelli

It was put up on Critters' queue for the 28 of July -- irony of the destiny, the day I leave for England. However, that week's queue is large, therefore I suspect it will slip a week and be put up for review the 4 of August. Chapter 2 and chapter three will follow each at one week of difference.

One question: if I feel that nervous only because a group of fellow writers is going to read my chapters and shred them to pieces like any reviewer at FA does every day with my fanfictions, what will I do when I will try sending the story at an agent or at a publisher?

Submitted PoS to Critters

Today, I've taken my courange on hands and submitted the first three chapters of PoS to Critters. For people who might not know, Critters is one of the most famous workshops in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror circle. There are lots of people reading the manuscripts and, participating to it for three weeks, I have seen that there are lots of specific suggestions and feedback given out. People look professional (there are also a few pro writers who submit stories) and the reviews are very well thought and rich of insightful comments.

I will need to wait one month before my story will finally show up. However, I will wait for that eagerly, because I want to know what they will think of it, and which suggestions they will give me to improve.

I think that after the story will go through Zoetrope and them, I really will have something polished enough to attempt submitting it to a publisher.

If I will finish to write the story, of course :(

Happy birthday, Toni!


best wishes for a wonderful day!

Birthday :)

As many of you already know (THANK YOU for all the wishes! You made me happy ^_^. And thanks adela711 for her little present :). Toni, you know I love you, dear! :* ), today it was my birthday.

29 years old . . . and I feel the 20 never happened. Poor me.

Anyway, the day passed smoothly well, and this evening my family and I are going out for dinner. We'll try an Argentinian restaurant here in Rome, let's see how it is.

Oh well, actually let's taste how it is :)

My sister went there and said she ate very well :)

Of libraries and thieves

Well, today it was very hot. I wanted to write, and wrote only three bloody lines. =.=

Anyway, a side by that, I have made a few searches, and I have found out that the central library of Salisbury is open Monday and Thursday, until 7 30 in the evening, and gives free internet access. This is an interesting thing: if I find a job there, I can live for a while connecting to the net only twice at week. at least until I can buy a used desktop computer. I have seen good rates for them in online shop in England: I have seen things like 250/300 pounds for a used computer. I can live with that, I think. I hope.

Now, I will only need to actually go there and try to look for a job, and for a room/house/whatever. I hope to find something not too expensive. I think I might be able paying 350 pounds monthly, but nothing more than that :( otherwise I wouldn't have any money left to live. I don't know how much salaries are in England.

Anyway, second topic of the day . . . thieves. I had a look at the statistics of Inuyasha.net (my site) and found out that some people had eagerly direct linked the smileys I have in my forum to their boards! A French forum about Fantasy. ARGH! You can't imagine how I was pissed off the situation. However, the administrator immediaely replied to my message telling to me she was sorry and that she would remove the images immediately. Instead, I found another site who linked to an image of my gallery, providing (just figure!) a *service of free background for websites* DIRECTLY LINKING TO MY IMAGE IN MY SITE! Who knows how many people have used that code and now have that 250Kb image as background of their websites . . . stealing my bandwidth.

And this I found out only looking at the last 50 referrals. Who knows how many people steal my bandwidth. This is why Inuyasha.net went over the limit last month? I mean, 120GB monthly are A LOT, they should never be surpassed by a site that has 1500 visitors at day . . . instead, last month the site arrived to 130 GB.

Poor me . . .