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Day off #1

Day off n#1 of the week. Pretty lazy day. I dozed till half past ten (a record for me, normally I wake up one hour before), chatted on the Internet, watched a film in DVD. I have also prepared the things I have to bring tomorrow to the Social Securities. Tomorrow I have the appointment to get a National Insurance Number, finally. I can't believe that six weeks are passed already since the day I went there asking for the appointment! Time has flown, really! probably the reason were all the trouble I had to open the bank account, and the *very* tiring days at work, which didn't make me do anything else than work and sleep for a while.

However, I have also downloaded the form to compile to ask for the change of residence. I must send it before 90 days from the day I left Italy, so I still have time to. I will wait to have the National Insurance Number tomorrow (hoping that I will get it!) and then I will send all the documents they require. I saw they also require that your photograph is checked as valid if you send the copy of your ID card! That's amazing -.-. However, I will do it, so I can have this change of residence.

But first -- NI tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is:

Waking up at ten to nine. Before it would be useless because the children use the bathroom. Then, I'll have a shower, dress up, and go out at twenty to ten/ten to ten. I will arrive to the Social Security in time for the appointment (10:20AM) and I will bring all the documents they have asked to certify who am I (my ID card) where I live (a letter signed by both Jane and David, so this time they *won't* complain, the letter I received from the Social Security itself that told me the appointment had been moved from 10:45 to 10:20, and the bank letter with the details of my bank account) and where I work (my McD's contract and the most recent payslip). This way I think I won't have any problem to get the NI number. I mean: what can they want more than this?