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I don't think it went that well... :(

but then, every time I thought it went exceptionally well, I got low marks. So you might think: it could go REALLY bad this time. Let's hope that either it goes not too bad or that I am allowed to resit... the exam was a nasty bitch. Not too difficult, but only if you had prepared cer

tain things... or everything. To think that they told us that it was better to know few plays well than to know many badly... I should have done what I wanted to do and revise them all!!!!

Anyway, enough of that. I'm in Italy this week, and although these scales are not the same I've got at home, so I'm not sure whether it's going to be a fluke, the scales are saying this morning 72.9!!! I'ìve dropped another lb! I'm very pleased with this result, because I went to the restaurant with Martin on Monday, to exorcise the bad feeling about the exam. Then, we went to the restaurant on Thursday for my mum's name day (I chose a strategy of eating seafood and fish... it must have paid off), my sister ordered sushi on Friday and on Saturday we bought pizza... so I had a nasty feeling for this morning. Instead, yesterday morning at the same scales I was 74 and this morning 72.9... very odd indeed!

well, it might be that my body has got a slimming contract with Sundays. I'm happy with that ;)

let's hope to not have a gain next week!


I decided that from today, my livejournal will be friend only. It's nothing against anyone in particular; it's just that I realised that being published on the Intenet means that ANYONE really can read what I write. When I was in Italy the journal was mostly a rant about my favourite things and fandom, but now it's become a sort of personal diary where I talk even about people I know and people I work with. And I don't want that, if for any reason I say something nasty about someone I know, said someone can findmy post and get hurt. I don't want also that 'bad' people read my personal comments and what happens in my life.

I have already put as friend-only all the posts I made since I moved over here. In the next few days I will finish and make all the journal friend-only. If you like what I write, if you're interested about me, or if you just want to see if I'm interesting and make friends, you can friend me, or comment to this post and to be friended.

Sorry but I've got no time to create a posh "friend only" banner!

Thank you, whoever you are!

I don't know whom should I thank, but somebody has given to me as a gift a full year of paid LJ. Thank you, anonymous friend, I owe you a lot! I would like to offer to you something in exchange, but since I don't even know who you are, I can't. Thank you anyway! It was the most pleasant surprise to receive when waking up on the morning ^-^. Now I'm happy!

O_O Destiny in your name?

I have found a lovely website today, which made the numerology report of your name anddate of birth.

I found it scary, really scary.

this thing is too much me!Collapse )

I just can't believe it! Just think at the second pinnacle. I'm 29 year old, and last year I decided to change my life and move to the UK. Also, last year I had the gallstones illness, and my life changed even then, because I was almost dieing and I lived in a hospital for 2 months!

How did the numbes of my bloody name give out all of this? It's so much me that it's scary!

My NaNoWriMo updates journal

Since I have a Greatestjournal, which I never update, I decided to use it to publish my NaNoWriMo's story for anybody who wishes to read it and comment on it.

Current naNoWriMo's status:

Title of the project: "The Widger Upstairs"
Summary of the project: "Who ever said the vampires are blood-sucking beings who turn into bats, live in wicked castles in Transilvania, and are afraid of the light? Dave can swear it's not like that. The Vampires in reality are . . . much more modernised and can live near you without you even realise it! They don't suck your blood . . . rather, they suck something else. If you don't believe in what I said, read Dave's adventure in the G.O.L.I.A.T.H.S.'s world. You might get surprised!"
Word count so far: 2,000 words.

The posts with the story will all be friends-only, so if you want to read my story, please comment here to be added to my friends' list.

And here by grant you promise
you're not up to plagiarise
'cause if I ever find out
this story stolen thoughtout
I'll ask my loyal vampire
to bite you, venting my ire.

I know, I know, it's not much of a poetry . . . but it came out almost nicely like that :D


I had said I would *never* participate.

I know myself... I *can't* write 50,000 words in one month, and I hate deadlines.

But it is true -- if you don't try, you'll never know. And I have the vampire's story that is yelling in my head because it wants to be written. Maybe writing 50,000 words of crap for it, I can come out with a 15,000/20,000 words of good story with the rewriting. After all, nobody will shout at me if I most likely don't finish in time, right?

*sighs* I know already that I'm going to be mad.

Official NaNoWriMo 2004 Participant

and now, le's start to write -.-

Still alive :)

Seems that I'm still alive (weeeeheeee!) and still here -.- No handsome blond Slytherin arrived to pick me and bring me at the Malfoy Manor yesterday night.

What a shame...

While I came back home I was in my "muse whispering" moments. I imagined Draco picking me up... but not for fun, you know. Picking me up as a stupid Muggle fanwriter who enjoyed putting him and the other DEs in trouble (or even with *argh* Potter, or with *argh2!* the Mudblood! --Draco) (why is putting you with Hermione worse than putting you with ME? --Harry) (... --Hermione).

Has anybody written something like that? My idea was: "In the night of Hallowe'en, the Death Eaters are picking up FanAuthors, to punish them of all the years of suffering they are inflicting to them. Will FanAuthors ever survive?"

Of course, the thing would be a Ridikkulus story ;). What if I make a challenge from this idea? Would anybody write the story?

Day off #1

Day off n#1 of the week. Pretty lazy day. I dozed till half past ten (a record for me, normally I wake up one hour before), chatted on the Internet, watched a film in DVD. I have also prepared the things I have to bring tomorrow to the Social Securities. Tomorrow I have the appointment to get a National Insurance Number, finally. I can't believe that six weeks are passed already since the day I went there asking for the appointment! Time has flown, really! probably the reason were all the trouble I had to open the bank account, and the *very* tiring days at work, which didn't make me do anything else than work and sleep for a while.

However, I have also downloaded the form to compile to ask for the change of residence. I must send it before 90 days from the day I left Italy, so I still have time to. I will wait to have the National Insurance Number tomorrow (hoping that I will get it!) and then I will send all the documents they require. I saw they also require that your photograph is checked as valid if you send the copy of your ID card! That's amazing -.-. However, I will do it, so I can have this change of residence.

But first -- NI tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is:

Waking up at ten to nine. Before it would be useless because the children use the bathroom. Then, I'll have a shower, dress up, and go out at twenty to ten/ten to ten. I will arrive to the Social Security in time for the appointment (10:20AM) and I will bring all the documents they have asked to certify who am I (my ID card) where I live (a letter signed by both Jane and David, so this time they *won't* complain, the letter I received from the Social Security itself that told me the appointment had been moved from 10:45 to 10:20, and the bank letter with the details of my bank account) and where I work (my McD's contract and the most recent payslip). This way I think I won't have any problem to get the NI number. I mean: what can they want more than this?

Odd . . .

My entry for the day doesn't show. Very odd! Can anybody see the entry that shows the date "13 - 8 - 2004"?


I've noticed that the damn upload system of harrypotterfanfiction.com had screwed up all my poor Dolores' Sorrow, censoring a word (crap! What's wrong with crap?) and cutting a full paragraph!

the problem was that, being lazy, I had used that thing to add the carriages returns to the HTML of the fic. Therefore, I had to send back the fic at Fiction Alley after having changed the horrors that *thing* had added to my story.

Next time, I woe of never, ever use anything to put the carriages returns to my story. I shalt put them there by myself in the same way I add the italics and bold.

(it's so boring doing that, though!)